Income Support Program, 20th June 2020


Income Support Program, Jun 20, 2020

Under its Monthly Income Support program, Team TSB Alhamdolillah provides monthly support for the following cases:
1) Widow, having 3 daughters and a son, too young to work. Has a rented house and no source of income.
2) Widow, having 3 daughters and 1 son who is married and lives separately. His younger son has epilepsy and requires regular medicine for treatment.
3) Female, residing in Liaquatabad, separated from husband. Has a rented house and no source of income at the moment. She has 2 young school going daughters.
4) Widow, residing in Korangi, who recently converted to Islam. She has a rented house and only a son who works part time as a manual laborer.
5) Widow, residing in Punjab, has 2 young daughters and no one to support her expenses.
6) Female, residing in Korangi, whose husband does part time embroidery work on garments but earns on and off. She has 3 daughters, out of which the youngest one is unable to even walk due to illness in her childhood.
7) Female, residing in Landhi, whose husband has serious blood related disease. She has 3 young daughters and 2 sons. There is no bread earner other than the father who is unable to manage work due to his illness.
We are thankful to all donors who provided us the required support.