Income Support Program, 1st May 2020


Income Support Program May 1, 2020

Under its Income Support program for deserving individuals, Team TSB supports (one time support):
– An aged couple with no source of income
– An aged widow and her daughter who is also a widow. The aged widow has a son who works to support the family.
– A cancer patient, having 3 daughters and a son, and no source of income.
– A male, whose wife works as a housemaid, and who recently got partially paralysed, providing him support for medicine.
– A widow, having 2 very young children, and no source of income.
– A widow, having only 3 sons, 2 reside separately with their families, and the youngest one is jobless due to the Corona crisis.

We are thankful to all our donors who provided us the required support for the cases.