Income Support Program, 15th Apr 2020


Income Support Program, Apr 15, 2020

Under its Income Support Program for deserving individuals, Team TSB supports:
– An aged man, 70+, residing in North Karachi. He has no family other than his brother who is of the same age. He lives in his brother’s house and needs support for medicine monthly. This case is on a monthly basis.
– Individual residing in North Karachi whose wife is sick and he has 5 daughters and a son. He has no source of income and leads a retired life. He has been provided financial support to manage his current expenses.
– Family of 2 individuals, living in Liaquatabad, requiring rent to fulfill their monthly demand as husband is not on work since the past 2 months.
– Family of 6 individuals, husband, wife and 4 children, residing in Liaquatabad, requiring rent piled up for 3 months as husband had been out of job due to accident previously and then after acquiring new job as Careem driver, lost it again due to the current pandemic.

We are thankful to all our donors who provided support for these cases.