Camp For Heat Stroke


“Fighting Heat Stroke” Activity at Govt Hospital Korangi No.5. on June. 27, 2015

This activity was conducted at Govt. Hospital Korangi No. 5 on Saturday June 27, 2015 from 10am-2pm. Dr Adnan Sukkurwalla, TSB member, led the activity along with his team of Dr. Mustafa, Dr. Juzer and Dr. Abiha in the lead and volunteers namely Hibba, Shahid, Yousuf, Usama, Rahul, Saad, Kanwal and Sarosh.
3500 Mineral water bottles with ORS and Limopani and 350 packets of juice were distributed among children and attendants on the location. Medical Superintendent at the hospital said that because of this activity of cold water bottle supply, it reduced the burden on the hospital of drip patients by 40%.

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