Annual Sports Day for TSB Schools on 19th March 2016


TSB Annual Sports Day of The TSB Schools at Nasim Hamid Academy, Korangi No.5 on 19th March 2016

Annual Sports Day for all 3 campuses of The TSB School was held at Nasim Hamid Academy, Korangi No.5 on 19th March 2016. Students from all the 3 campuses participated in various track events and races including flat race, relay race, sack race, 3 legged-race, frog race, obstacle race, wheelbarrow race, skipping race and lemon and spoon race. Cricket and football matches were held among the 3 campus teams. Girls cricket cup was won by FC Area, boys cricket cup by Korangi and football cup by Dalmia. Lunch was served to all the students and staff present. Prizes were distributed at the end of the events. The teachers and all the staff of TSB present on the occasion played their role magnificently to make the event successful and enjoyable for everyone.

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