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To work for the upliftment and development of society

5 Years Journey




Primary School at F.C.Area
Students: 172
Shifts: 3

Primary School at Dalmia Shanti Nagar
Students: 290
Shifts: 3

High School at Gulshan-3-Millat Korangi Campus II
Students: 141
Shifts: 2

Prizes And Awards

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Economic Emp. Program


Under its Economic Empowerment program, the Social Bond team delivers a sewing machine to a female residing in Orangi Town having limited financial means... Thanks to Dr. Zaheeruddin, Dept. of Physics University of Karachi, for his contribution towards the case !!.

Education Support


Under its Education support program, the TSB team supports education of 2 orphaned kids in a private school, residing in Orangi Town ! This support helps them continue their education which would have been discontinued otherwise due to lack of funds ! We are thankful to our donor who supports us monthly in this cause !

Income Support


TSB team supports a widow with 4 kids residing in Nazimabad with no particular source of income. We are thankful to our donor who will monthly provide us the required funds for this case !


TSB team supports an aged widow, living in Shanti Nagar Dalmia, providing her ration monthly. Having no sons and only 2 married daughters, the widow has no particular source of income and making ends meet has been quite tough for her. We are thankful to our donor for taking up the responsibility to provide her ration monthly !


Team TSB provides support to a handicapped, divorced, orphan girl residing in Korangi. Living with her brother's family without any particular source of income, the girl required regular medicines to support her health. We are thankful to our donor who has provided us the required monthly support in this case.


Team TSB provides monthly ration to a female in Korangi, unable to work due to disability. Her parents are aged and there is no other earning member in the family. We are thankful to our donor who provides us the monthly support for this case !

Appeals And Activities

Annual Result and Prize Distribution at TSB School(Korangi Campus) Held at Saba Banquet, Shah Faisal Colony on March 18, 2018

TSB Stall at U for Ummah Exhibition on 11th March 2018 at Global Marquees Banquet

TSB Welfare Organization Inaugurated Its 1st. Skill Development Centre at Bagh-e-Korangi, Sector 10

TSB Girls Team Participated in Futsal Tournament Held at Govt. College of Physical Education on 10th Mar 2018

TSB School students from Korangi campus visited Pak-Turk International School, Johar campus, on March 4, 2018. 2018

Certificates Distribution Among Teachers On Conclusion of Badal Do Training Sessions At Beach Luxury Hotel On 25th Feb. 2018

TSB Students Participated In The Karachi Youth Festival 2017-18 At Arts Council On Feb. 18, 2018

TSB Girls Participation In All-Schools Futsal Tournament On Jan. 28, 2018

Family Fun Fair Held At Dalmia Campus On 28th Jan 2018

TSB students participation in the Science Project Exhibition at Pakistan Central Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital on Jan. 25,2018

Family Fun Fair Was Held At FC Area Campus On Jan. 21, 2018

TSB Team setup its stall at All Sindh Education Expo on 20th and 21st Jan. 2018 Handicrafts and other arts, made by students

TSB team setup its stall at Crafters Expo organized by Hopeberry at Southend Club on 14th Jan 2018

The Family Fun Fair 2018 at Korangi campus was held on 13th Jan and had numerous stalls put up by the students.

TSB students at the PUAN Leadership Winter camp held at PACC, Lincoln Center, on 9th Jan 2018.

TSB students from Korangi campus participated in The All-Karachi Debate Competition, arranged by Youth of Pakistan Foundation, and held at Usman Institute on 1st Jan 2018

Friendship Cricket Match at UBL Sports Complex Arranged by ‘You and Your Dreams Foundation’ on Dec. 27, 2017

Mid-term Exams Results Distribution Ceremony and Parents Meeting Held At All Campuses Of TSB School On Dec. 23, 2017

TSB Futsal team in the Under 13 PGF Series futsal tournament at Creek Club DHA held on 20th Dec 2017

Inter-Campus Girls Badminton And Throwball Competition Held On Dec. 20, 2017 At Korangi Campus

TSB School Inter-campus Maths Whizz Competition was held @ Korangi campus on Dec. 19, 2017

Uniforms were distributed among students of all campuses of TSB School on 9th and 12th Dec. 2017

Team TSB setup its stall at The Crafters Expo held at Royal Rodale on Dec. 3, 2017

TSB football team participated in All Karachi United School Championship on 2nd Dec 2017

TSB Students, Korangi campus, visited PACC for the Science Festival held on 30th November 2017

Uniform Distribution

Uniform Distribution Oct. 2015 TSB School Uniforms were distributed among 130 students in Dalmia and Korangi during the 3rd week of


Join hands with the society to ensure that the underprivileged have a sound future



For Donations:

MCB, Hasan Square Branch, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi

Title of Account:
The Social Bond Welfare Organization.

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A project of The Social Bond Welfare Organization, operational at ShantiNagar, Dalmia, since nearly 3 years now....The clinic treats around 500 patients monthly and provides them medicine and facility of BP, diabetes tests and neubalizer also...Our special thanks to Dr. Tabassum Jahangir for her unflinching support towards the running of this clinic....

Health Support



The Social Bond team supports a resident of Dastagir, who damaged his leg due to an accident and has been unable to work since then. Due to possible amputation fear, he had to get early early treatment for his leg. After treatment, he is now recovering. He has a family of 3 who are all dependant on him for running the house.
We are thankful to Ms.Sana Fatima and all her references for support towards this case !


Marriage Support


Under its Marriage Support program:
the TSB team purchases furniture for girl living in Gulshan e Maymar. The girl's parents had requested for support. Both of them work hard to make ends meet (The father is a factory worker and mother is a housemaid) We are thankful to our donor who supported us for this case !!

Under its Marriage Support program, Team TSB supports a daily wages laborer by contributing to purchase furniture for her daughter’s marriage in Nawabshah. This laborer had limited funds and required support for the wedding. We are very thankful to Ms.Sana Atif and Ms.Afsheen Junaid for their support in this case.

Under its Marriage Support program:
the TSB team contributes for wedding of a female whose father is unable to work being a psychological patient and under treatment....With no other specific source of income, this female residing in Gulshan-e-Zia, Orangi Town, required support for the wedding....We are thankful to Ms. Sana Fatima for her support for this particular case !!

TSB Team contributes furniture for wedding of daughter of a security guard in a coaching centre. The family, based in Liaquatabad, faced tough financial crisis due to which it required support.... We are thankful to Ms. Sana Fatima for her support towards this case !!

Team TSB supports an aged old man, residing in Dalmia, requiring funds for her daughter's marriage. He serves as a watchman in a small organization. We are thankful to Dr. Intikhab Ulfat, Dept. of Physics University of Karachi , who supported us in this case !

TSB Team supports an orphan girl's marriage (providing furniture and arranging food), residing in Malir with her mother, and 3 siblings. The mother works part time to support her family. We are thankful to our donor who supported us for this case !

Team TSB supports marriage of girl living in FB Area, having 10 siblings, and her father is unable to work due to old age. We are thankful to our donors who supported us for this particular case !