Accelerated Learning & Adult Literacy Program, 20th Aug 2022


Accelerated Learning and Adult Literacy Program for an 28 year old female, 20th Aug 2022

Farah, a 28 year old female, who had to drop out of school, due to financial crisis which she faced at an early age. Her father was a tailor but due to serious illness, had to leave work and Farah being one of the 5 kids of her parents, too had to sacrifice her education.
Under The Social Bond Accelerated Learning and Adult Literacy program, Farah got an opportunity to live her dreams and continue her education where she had left it off. She got enrolled in Grade 9th (Matriculation) and after 2 years now, she has completed her Matric and now aims to pursue Intermediate.

The Social Bond team works day and night to support such individuals, who had left education and could not fulfill their dreams.

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